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Plein Air Artwork
I paint as a way of distilling the feelings of completeness and joy I experience from the landscapes of the Western United States. When a viewer of my work feels a connection to place, then I have succeeded in my work. I believe that painting the beauty of the West documents and supports these lands. I hope this will move others to recognize these amazing places and advocate for them as well.

Deep inside I am an introvert and its often difficult for me to join in the protest at injustice. I do loose sleep every night because I worry about the dire state of the world, our country and mostly The West. I think, for me, my solution to action is painting. I go outside and Plein Air paint and also work in the studio using oil paints. A lot of my paintings are of places that are beautiful to see. I've committed to also painting things that may not be that ascetically pleasing but that will raise people's attention and get them to think about taking action themselves.
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